fredag 14 september 2007

Verizon to drop Bob Marley ringtones after dispute

"We will now make Bob Marley's music available as mastertones to all phone carriers." Verizon Wireless will drop all Bob Marley ringtones, ringbacks and pictures after being threatened with a trademark infringement lawsuit, representatives for the late reggae star's family said on Thursday. via Reuters - Original Story

onsdag 12 september 2007

Seger leaving Capitol Records?

"Will Bob Seger be the next major artist to bolt from Capitol Records' roster?" Categories: Recordings Bob Seger and Silver Bullet Band receiving platinum album plaques for last year's "Face the Promise" Rock 'n' Roll Daily says that Bob Seger may be leaving his longtime home at Capitol ... via Still the Same Seger - Original Story

söndag 9 september 2007, Rocka.Candy and Universal Music Group Present... The Listening Lounge Series

"We are exceptionally elated and pleased to offer our elite audience an interactive environment complete with three stories of exquisite taste that is te casan, new music from the Universal Music roster, as well as exclusive swag" Since 2004, has celebrated the lifestyle of tastemakers, fashionistas and young professionals with common interests in art, fashion, entertainment and culture. via Press Release News From 24-7 Press Re... - Original Story

fredag 7 september 2007

DAE-3 IC Creates One Box Convergence for Living Room Entertainment

"We are extremely proud of the DAE-3 technology for Media PCs" The D2Audio Corporation announced today the release of its third generation Digital Audio EngineT platform, the DAE-3T IC, targeting Media PC applications.The D2Audio DAE-3, the company's second generation ... via EHomeUpgrade - Original Story

onsdag 5 september 2007

SoundTech Introduces LightSnake Usb Midi Cable

"We developed the LightSnake USB MIDI to provide an easy-to-use tool that allows musicians to enjoy the benefits of combining musical hardware and software with modern computer technology and applications." SoundTech Professional Audio, a division of US Music Corporation, announced the introduction of LightSnake USB MIDI, an intelligent MIDI-to-PC cable featuring SoundTech's patented "Live when Lit" technology ... via Harmony Central - Original Story

måndag 3 september 2007

Drive to succeed leads to a drive

"My grandmother, Icelene Bowie, didn't just sweep her porch. ... She swept the whole block" Neighbors danced in the street yesterday as the 2900 block of Presstman St. in Baltimore was renamed after a fellow west-sider who rose to become one of the most powerful executives in the music industry. Kevin Liles, executive vice president of Warner Music Group and former president of Def Jam Records, stood beside Mayor Sheila Dixon on a platform as a street sign was unveiled reading 'Kevin Liles Drive.' In an impassioned speech, Liles urged residents of his struggling neighborhood to take responsibility for themselves and their community, and not wait for the government to solve their problems. Read more - Original Story